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About Us

Founded in 1990, UrGear is a product of ardent passion and an eye for details. What started out as a small operation has now grown to be an international company catering to the aesthetics of a bold clientele always in vogue.

Besides our core design studios in Bangalore and Italy, we have partnered up with a few exceptional manufacturers across India who’s expertise includes manufacturing clothing for various top notch international brands that goes through a stringent set of quality checks to ensure that the products you receive are in perfect condition.

With the increased simplicity and ease of online payment services along with accessibility to the internet; our goal remains to offer a hassle-free fair-time service.

With designers from India and Italy, we tirelessly work to produce and curate exceptional clothing for the new generation’s dynamic and diverse day-to-day. We are constantly thinking of how to evolve and design better: functional vogue for the future, as we like to say!